Déjà Vu Utilities v. 1.1

Déja Vu Utilities in action

This utility is designed to post-process Microsoft® Word files translated in Déjà Vu Interactive, especially for people translating into French. It allows you to perform some standard shearch/replace operations, accelerates the insertion of hard spaces, and solves the impossibility to apply basic formatting in Déjà Vu (other than the original one in embedded codes) .
This set of macros adds a new toolbar to Microsoft® Word ("Déjà Vu Utilities") which also includes a function to color the 2-column tables (and embedded codes) according to Déjà Vu’s color pattern. 

Changes in version 1.1




Important: If you can’t see the new "Déjà Vu Utilities" toolbar, choose Toolbars from the View menu, and click on Déjà Vu Utilities.

For any comments, bug reports or assistance, write to: info@xp-internet.com

Disclaimer: The author gives no warranties as to the use or performance of this macro .


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